Sporting Secrets Of Rugby Union Ace Ben Foden

When it comes to Rugby Union, Northampton Saints and England player Ben Foden is the man to watch. As a full back who can also cover for scrum half he is one of the new breed of versatile backs - quick, strong, skilful and versatile - that is the future of the national game.

At Northampton Saints, Ben is also part of squad pushing for domestic and European honours. At just 23 years of age his achievements are impressive. But how does he maintain his incredible physical condition?

The answer is that Ben maintains a rigorous physical regime that unfailingly observes the three fundamental tenets of fitness: exercise, diet and - last but not least - proper hydration.

New research by Iceni Water shows that more than four in ten of us don’t know how much water we really need during strenuous exercise. One in five think they don’t need water at all. Poor hydration can cause dizziness, fatigue and muscle cramps. It hinders performance and increases health risks and the possibility of injury.


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Ben’s taken time out from his packed schedule to present a video to talk about his career, but also on how he maintains his body at the peak of physical fitness with tips on how you can do the same.