Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Once you open a bottle, how long does it stay fresh?

    Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 days.

  2. Why do you have to store it away from direct sunlight?

    This is to protect against the potential for naturally occurring algae to grow.

  3. Why do we recommend that you do not refill the bottle?

    The contents of a refilled bottle cannot be guaranteed sterile.

  4. Is the water suitable for babies?

    It is recommended by the Department of Health that all waters, whether bottled or tap should first be boiled and immediately cooled before giving to babies either as water, or to make up an infant feed.

  1. Where can I buy Iceni?

    Iceni is available nationally in supermarkets and retailers. .

  2. Why is Iceni good for a low sodium diet?

    Iceni’s levels of sodium content are low.

  3. Why does Iceni Natural Mineral Water have a Best Before Date?

    Over time exposure to oxygen may cause oxidation of the minerals, which could change the composition of the water.

  4. What does Typical Analysis mg/l mean?

    This means the quantity of the minerals found in the natural mineral water. To achieve mineral water status, the water is tested regularly and must be consistent with these figures: Mg/l is milligrams per litre and represents the very small quantities of minerals which are being measured.

  1. Where does Iceni water come from?

    Iceni is a new English natural mineral water, drawn from a chalk aquifer that lies deep beneath the South Cambridgeshire countryside.

  2. What does Iceni mean?

    Iceni Water is named after the famous East Anglian tribe ruled by Boudicca in 60AD.

  3. How much bottled water do we drink in the UK?

    More than 2.5bn litres of bottled water are consumed in the UK each year. (Euromonitor Bottled Water Report 2006.)