The health benefits of drinking water regularly

Water helps our body work to its optimum. It is essential in keeping our skin radiant and supple but also aids our heart and kidney functions in fighting infections and digestion. All in all, a healthy amount of water helps maximise your body’s mental and physical fitness.


Purely English and naturally good for you, Iceni is a refreshing drink, naturally high in calcium and other minerals which help contribute to our bones, teeth and a general well being. Water is also a healthy substitute to carbonated soft drinks for you and your family, as research shows that 86% of children in the UK have a higher daily sugar intake than recommended.

So why is water so important for us?

  • Our body is 70% water
  • Our brain is 85% water
  • Our blood is 83% water
  • Our muscles are 75% water
  • Our bones are 22% water

Proof enough that to replenish our body with good quality water is vital in keeping good health.

The average body loses 2 litres of water a day. Just mild dehydration of the brain can create problems such as reduced concentration, headaches and dizziness. Excess acidity is thought to be the root cause of most diseases and drinking two litres of quality water a day will help neutralise and flush away any toxic waste and balance the damage caused by free radicals.