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Investec London Cup Finals

Ashford Hockey Club win tickets

Ashford Hockey Club win tickets to the Investec London Cup Finals in the Iceni Grassroots Hockey Giveaway 2014!
We are delighted to announce the winner of the successful “Iceni Grassroots Hockey Giveaway” was Ashford Hockey Club. The lucky team got tickets to the finals of the Investec London Cup on Sunday 13th July at the new home of England Hockey, the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
England won against Ireland in the final shoot out, giving spectators an exciting end to the closely fought tournament!
The programme supports local clubs across the country by providing essential hockey equipment using the simple mechanic of collecting the labels from bottles of Iceni Water, which are then exchanged for branded balls, bibs and training cones.
The 2014 Grassroots Giveaway saw a record numbers of you getting involved! In total we received around 4,000 labels, which were exchanged for Iceni-branded bibs, cones and hockey balls - whilst stocks lasted!

Hannah Garner, Iceni PR & Marketing, commented: "We recognise that hockey clubs are always under growing pressure from increasing costs, so the programme is designed to be achievable and affordable, and after feedback and comments from entrants and winners from the 2013 giveaway, we kept most of the format and mechanics of the competition the same as before."
Brett Fleming-Jones, Managing Director of Iceni Waters Ltd commented, “After the success of the 2013 Iceni Grassroots Hockey Giveaway we are absolutely delighted to be able to continue to support hockey clubs and encourage the younger generation to become more involved in the sport. It’s been really exciting to see the amount of new interest, building on last year, as Iceni continues to grow alongside the reach of grassroots hockey clubs we’re in touch with. Our aim is to use the scheme to continually raise awareness of the importance of maintaining hydration during exercise as this is a key element to achieving sporting excellence.”
Please get in touch to give us your feedback on your experience of the Grassroots Giveaway 2014!

England Hockey

Grassroots Hockey Giveaway

Iceni Water announces the second ‘Iceni Grassroots Hockey Giveaway’ - providing hockey equipment and the chance to go to the Investec London Cup!
English natural mineral water Iceni, official water supplier for the England Hockey teams, is delighted to announce the second year running of the successful “Iceni Grassroots Hockey Giveaway” across England. The programme supports local clubs by providing essential hockey equipment using the simple mechanic of collecting the labels from bottles of Iceni Water, which are then exchanged for branded balls, bibs and training cones.
This year Iceni Water is also offering the hockey club that collects and redeems the most Iceni labels the chance for their team to be at the Investec London Cup Finals, which will be hosted in the new home of hockey in the former Olympic Park. The winners will get to watch some of the Worlds top players and teams play against each other in these exclusive finals.
Starting January 2014, the programme will run until June 2014, and getting involved is easy! Interested clubs simply sign up for free via the Iceni website from January 2014. Once registered, your club receives a welcome pack with a step-by-step guide to the competition.
Once the Grassroots Giveaway begins in January 2014 there will be more information and full instructions on the Hockey Giveaway link from the homepage of the Iceni website, giving every UK club the chance to get their hands on fantastic new sports equipment and Investec London Cup tickets!

England Hockey

Iceni Grassroots Hockey Giveaway

Prize Day at England Hockey’s home Bisham Abbey with Neston South Wirral Hockey Club!

Iceni Waters, official water supplier for England hockey, are delighted to announce that the winners of the 2013 Iceni Grassroots Hockey Giveaway were Neston South Wirral Hockey Club.  The team had a fantastic day with the England Hockey team at the beautiful Bisham Abbey on Thursday 24th October.

Iceni Water launched the “Iceni Grassroots Hockey Giveaway” across England earlier in the year to support local clubs by providing essential hockey equipment in exchange for Iceni water bottle labels.

With an incredibly inspiring 300 entries there was a lot of competition!

However the winners rocketed into the lead with a last-minute hefty delivery of Iceni labels – so a huge congratulations to the Neston South Wirral Hockey Club and also to all teams who entered, you managed to beat all our expectations.

England Hockey invited the winners to their home and training ground, where the club spent the day with the men’s EH team and coaches. They had the chance to watch the teams train, enjoy a lunch and a Q&A session with England coach Bobby Crutchley and players Ollie Willars and Adam Dixon, and just before they went home, the club got out on to the pitch themselves and enjoyed an exclusive opportunity to play an eleven-a-side against the England hockey team!

Brett Fleming-Jones, MD of Iceni Waters commented ‘I am delighted with the enthusiastic response we got to the Iceni Grassroots Scheme. It is really important to us to support local and regional hockey clubs and encourage the younger generations to become more involved in sport. It was great to see the support we received from all who helped make the day at Bisham Abbey so good for Neston.

Iceni Waters plan to repeat the Grassroots Hockey scheme in 2014 so keep an eye on the England Hockey website for your chance to take part and win!

The British Bottled Water home page.

British Bottled Water

British Bottled Water - a website representing some of the best British-sourced bottled waters available. Buy British and drink 8 glasses a day.

We all know that water - especially bottled water - is good for maintaining optimum health. If you’re drinking the six to eight glasses that health professionals recommend, it makes sense to ‘Drink Local’ - buy British Bottled Water. There are four good reasons why your eight daily glasses should be British:

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- Backing Britain: Drinking local water helps British jobs and enterprise.
- Safe mineral levels: Waters are sourced from deep underground and all waters sourced in Britain are low or relatively low in minerals so they’re fine for virtually everyone, even very young children.